Thinking through whether you want a baby one day, whether you want your fertility tested or to get your eggs frozen, or what action you want to take after a fertility test can be tricky. We have worked with some fertility counsellors and coaches to develop questions that may help you explore some of these decisions. Talking to your friends, family and GP can be a great place to start, as well as the fertility experts in the clinics. In addition, you can access independent support through signing up for sessions with fertility counsellors and coaching. We have a few listed below and will add more soon. If you contact them through the Smart Egg forms you will get an exclusive discount. 

Anthony Ryb - fertility counsellor

Anthony is an experienced counsellor with a special interest in fertility. He can help untangle your thoughts, create a safe space to offload and share what’s going on inside you, and help you figure out how to inform or include others if you're choosing treatment (family, friends, work). Also, he can help navigate the legal elements of egg freezing and donors and provide new knowledge about possible treatments in the fertility space.  

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Kate Davies - fertility coach

Kate is a fertility coach and practitioner, helping women for many years already to conceive naturally. She takes a holistic and hands-on approach to assess your current fertility potential, hormonal health and lifestyle. She teaches how to effectively track your cycles and safeguard your fertility now to preserve it for the future. Kate also advises you on the next steps to take on your fertility journey and helps with decision making. 

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