Smart Egg offers exclusively priced fertility tests with leading London fertility clinics for Smart Egg customers. A fertility test builds a picture of your current fertility status, and can help you make decisions for the future based on your personal health.

You can register for the test here. Please note you can register interest without any obligation to buy and when we go live with our next offer (which will be in the next few weeks) you will be the first to know.


The women's fertility test consists of:

  • An AMH blood test, which gives an indication of ovarian reserve (amount of eggs);

  • A trans-vaginal ultrasound, looking at ovarian reserve and the condition of the reproductive organs (ovaries and uterus);

  • A 1 hour consultation with a fertility doctor to discuss your results;

  • A complimentary 1 hour session with a fertility counsellor to help you understand what the test results mean for you, your life, and the choices you want to make in the future.

  • Scroll down for more information about the test and what you will find out through doing it

The tests will be performed at central London clinic locations, and will take a total of 2 hours spread over 2 appointments (or 3 appointments and an extra hour if you take up the complimentary counselling - which we hope you will).

We typically offer a 30% discount off the price that the clinics offer the test at. Our last offer was with the prestigious London Women's Clinic - with the test costing £250 for the Smart Egg  community instead of the regular clinic price of £370.

You can register your interest here.

N.B. The transaction is directly between the clinic and the customer, Smart Egg is not liable for anything related to the fertility testing or this particular offer. In some specific cases, you might need additional tests which are not part of the offer to establish a full picture of your fertility, for example due to your medical history age. This will all be discussed at your booking enquiry or your consultation where applicable, and you will be able to decide whether to proceed, so you will not face any unexpected charges.  If you sign up for the test we will pass on your contact details to the clinics to contact you to book the appointment only with your permission.



What will I know at the end of the test?

A lot of valuable information that will help you make informed decisions about your fertility today and in the future:

  • You’ll have a general sense of your current fertility status

  • You’ll have an indication of your "ovarian reserve" (you are born with all your eggs so this estimates the number of eggs you have left), benchmarked for your age group

  • You’ll know whether you have any common fertility related conditions, such as PCOS, or deviations of the uterus, like cysts or polyps, that may affect your ability to conceive

  • You’ll know whether you’re experiencing or are a likely candidate for early menopause

  • You’ll understand what options you have to safeguard or proactively manage your fertility, based on your fertility status and medical history. In addition, if there are any areas of concern you will discuss your options e.g., need for specific treatment or additional testing

What will I not know at the end of the test?

A fertility test is always a ‘snapshot’ of your current fertility status, so it doesn’t make any promises for your future fertility.

  • The test doesn’t tell you whether you’re guaranteed to get pregnant or deliver a healthy baby now or in the future, or for how long precisely it is ‘safe to wait’

  • The test doesn’t tell you what the quality of your eggs is - it tells you the quantity and whether your reproductive organs look healthy

  • There’s 2 people involved in making a baby, and this offer only applies to your part of the equation.


How does REGISTERING INTEREST, booking and payment work?

You can register your interest here and when our next offer goes live you will be the first to know. Once you give us the OK will will pass your details onto the clinic. Then our clinic representative will get in touch (or you can email/call them) and they will get you signed up for the package and take payment over the phone (most London clinics unfortunately are unable to take payments online). They will also get you booked in for your test and scan which will happen on one day and for your consultation with the fertility consultant at least one week later (so that your test results are back). After you have completed your consultation they will send you an email with a summary of your test results and discussion in your consultation, and information about how to book your optional counselling session.

How does the ultrasound and AMH test work?

The trans-vaginal ultrasound scan is performed by a specialist and detects problems in the uterus and ovaries and pelvic region. An ultrasound probe is passed into the vagina, but does not pass through the cervix and into the uterus (womb). The scan does not take long and is not usually painful, but it may be a little strange or uncomfortable! The trans-vaginal scan has the greatest sensitivity for picking up any uterine or ovarian problems. If cysts or polyps are seen, for example, it is possible that their removal by keyhole surgery may improve the likelihood of conception later on when you are ready to start trying to get pregnant. At this time you will be asked to sign a consent form allowing the clinic to carry out the ultrasound. It is recommended that the scan is performed during the first half of your cycle (during your period or the week after), the sonographer will then be able count the number of small early follicles within the ovaries, which will give an indication of your egg reserve.

The AMH test is a quick blood test that establishes your level of anti-Mullerian hormone in your body. This hormone level gives an indication of your "ovarian reserve" i.e. the quantity of eggs you have left as benchmarked against women in your age group. The quantity of eggs you have left is important in terms of getting pregnant now and in the future.

The scan in combination with the AMH test, is a good indication of your current fertility, obstacles you may face in getting pregnant and the likely response of your ovaries to ovarian stimulation with fertility drugs (e.g. in preparation of harvesting eggs for egg freezing). This is sometimes called a "proactive fertility status test". 

Do I have to see the counsellor?

No, the counsellor is a complimentary part of the offer, and if you don’t think it is of value to you, you don’t have to go. The session is booked in after you’ve had your tests and consultation, to allow time for you to process the information. Whether your results are more positive or negative than you expected, many people value this time with a professional counsellor to reflect and better understand the consequences for their life. Other people don’t require it - it’s up to you!

What next:

You can learn more by emailing us on . Or if you are ready to register without any obligation to buy please do here.