Anthony Ryb Counselling & Psychotherapy Adv. Dip. CP, MNCS (Acc)

Anthony Ryb Counselling & Psychotherapy
Adv. Dip. CP, MNCS (Acc)

Anthony is an experienced counsellor with a special interest in fertility and fertility treatment. He can help untangle your thoughts, create a safe space to offload and share what’s going on inside you, and help you figure out how to inform or include others (family, friends, work). Also, he can help navigate the legal elements of egg freezing and donors and provide new knowledge about possible treatments in the fertility space.  

Anthony Ryb is a counsellor / therapist, specialised in fertility and fertility treatment. He's particularly suited to support you if you're considering freezing your eggs, are at the start of fertility treatment, want to explore 'what next' after you've frozen your eggs or are about to use them. 

The Smart Egg community can benefit from a discounted Fertility Implications counselling session: a 1 hour session addressing the immediate questions and concerns related to having fertility treatment (incl. egg freezing), at the special price of £50 (normally £60). The session can be carried out face to face (in London) or over the phone.

Follow up sessions are available as well, at £50 per hour. 

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Anthony has been providing counselling support for 15 years across a range of settings including schools, hospices, GP surgeries and clinics. He spent many years working with MIND and helping people to recover from depression, anxiety, self harm and other life debilitating disorders. In all situations helping to increase confidence, boost motivation and develop self worth.

Anthony is an experienced bereavement and grief counsellor with a special interest in the fertility process (how we cope with each stage) and infertility. He has a private practice in North London and also works with London Women’s Clinic and The Bridge Centre (both in central London). With both personal and professional experience of fertility clinics, the infertility journey and the difficult questions that arise, Anthony brings a huge degree of understanding and compassion to this difficult and what can be an isolating, painful and confusing situation.

As an accredited member of the National Counselling Association (NCA) and member of the British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA), Anthony abides by the code of ethics of these organisations.